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We Love Our Customers!

Dear Wilma, The beautiful batik fabric has arrived.  It was delivered this morning.
I would have liked to incorporate it in the quilt top, but it is too late for that.  Instead, Mr. B will have a whole back to admire.  Thank you so much for the quickness of your service.  Until next time     Sincerely Ina, in Australia

My fabric arrived today.  It is beautiful!  Thank you for sending clear instructions about soaking the fabric in cold water first, and the type of washing detergent to use.  I am sure to use your company again to order.
Sincerely,  Cheryl

Dear Wilma,   I just received the PB Rambling Spray FatBack® and the Moda Oasis Rose bargain piece.  When I opened the Moda up my jaw dropped.  No way am I going to use this beautiful piece of material for binding (why I originally ordered it)!  I'll keep it to showcase on the top of a future quilt.  Thanks for telling me you had the bargain piece in stock.  Thank you for your prompt shipment.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.       Melissa, SC

Hi Wilma - I'm glad to hear that the fabric will be available after all, and not too delayed.  I must say that I'm impressed with your service - personally calling & e-mailing to explain the delay.  This definitely makes me inclined to order from you again.  I haven't been able to find the backing fabric I need elsewhere and saw an ad for Christian Lane Quilters in one of my quilting magazines and decided to give you a try - glad I did!      Thanks again, Lynn

I ordered on the 8th and received it on the 10th, less than 48 hours after ordering. Thanks again for your great service!  Gregg from Springfield, IL

Dear Christian Lane Quilters,  Good Morning!  I LOVE you guys!  "FatBacks" are fantastic.  What an ingenious idea!!!!!   I'm keeping a dozen on hand for my quilting customers.  "FatBacks", are a WONDERFUL addition to my growing business!  Thank you!   Anne Hopewell - Sunny Arizona

Dear CLQ,     Thank you so much for my fabric which arrived this morning. I am delighted with the quality of the fabric and the speed of your service - U.S.A. to England in well under one week !! Brilliant.   Happy stitching, Jane C.

Wilma Cogliantry you are a REAL quilter!   Thanks, Wilma!  I've been so impressed by your booth that I visited at a quilt show where I bought a wholecloth top and lovely FatBack print, and your website.  I can tell you're a REAL quilter, not just someone who's jumped on the bandwagon to make quick profits. I consider you my sole source for wide quilt backings and recommend your site regularly to quilting buddies.  Keep up the good work!   Sandy G.

Wilma and Jim,    Thank you so much!!!! The quilt arrived this afternoon and it is gorgeous!   Thank you also for your generosity concerning batting. You truly are wonderful. I will let the Habitat group know of your generosity.  With all that is going on in New Orleans/Mississippi/Alabama, everything we do will be a step in helping these unfortunate people. We in the Northeast are truly fortunate and we must help those in need.    Love Nancy

Wilma Cogliantry I appreciate your beautiful work!  Just a note to say your website and studio was such an inspiration!  How wonderful to have the two of you work together!   I enjoyed the organization of your studio. Customers appreaciate that their quilt is being well taken care of.  I really enjoy the beauty of your work.  I will watch for you at MQX, and also put your website on my favorites!   Carolyn R

JIm and Wilma Cogliantry, Thank you for your outstanding service!
Hi Jim and Wilma,   Thanks for the great work you did for my quilts. Your outstanding service makes an important difference to me as well. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.   See you soon, Marilyn G.

Wilma and Jim Cogliantry, Fantastic customer service!
Hi there!   Thank you, I received my order Friday! What great customer service you offer. So rare these days.   Bless you, Jynene H

Hello Jim and Wilma Cogliantry!   Hello,   Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your service. I recently called you on a Monday to place and order and, to my surprise, received it on Wednesday.   Thank you very much. If you'd like a reference at any time I'll be glad to share my experience.   Evelyn B

Wilma,  My order arrived today ... Beautiful fabric!!  Thanks,  Patrice

Hi Wilma.... On Tues night I got a call from a woman here in CT, who
had some people visiting from Australia. The woman from Australia was
interested in buying an "American Quilt".   Wilma.... OUR quilts are now in Australia!!! Or going to be when she ships the QUILTS ~ 5 of them ~ home~~!! Yup, five of them. I sold her 5 of my  quilts. You and Jim did the quilting on four of them and the labels proudly
say so. Five quilts!! I'm still smiling and pinching myself... OH JOY!!...I'm so proud of the work you and Jim do on my quilts. The work I put into making the top and the skill and time you both put into the finished product is outstanding and I thank you so much for your love and dedication to the art of making my quilts shine.  JOY~!! and thanks, Wilma & Jim : - ) Nancy

Hi, Wilma  I really appreciate your prompt service. I'm glad that you thought to sent this sample in addition to the one I requested. It turned out that your selection was the one I ended up ordering.  Thank you.  Stef

Hello   I would like to compliment you on your online shop. I
searched many stores for wide backing fabric, and your shop had the largest
selection at the best price. I ordered a back yesterday and received an
e-mail less than an hour later stating you were going to ship it today. Fast
service! Once I receive my order be assured I will pass the link to your
site on to my quilter friends.  I wish you much success in life and your business.
Regards,  Marilyn T

Good morning!  Received my fabric yesterday, what a treat. Delivery in two
business days. Thank you so much. Now I can get my quilt top ready for
quilting. Will definitely recommend you to my "quilting buddies".  Thanks again.
Vondra B

Wilma and Jim,  This is just a quick note to let you know how thoroughly thrilled I am with  the quilt design and the quality of the quilting on my daughter's quilt.  Jim did a fabulous job on the edge-to-edge design. Thank you both sooooo  much for accommodating me by turning around the work as quickly as you did.  I love the wool batting. As you said, it really did make the quilt cozy  and it did accentuate the stitching. As I added the binding I had the biggest grin on my face and kept saying "I love it! I love it! I love it!"  Both Paul and I can't wait to see our daughter's face when she opens it  Christmas morning.  We'll be seeing each other often in the coming year.  Thank you again!! Warm regards,  Yvonne C

Hi! I received this order today and I am very pleased with this purchase and your quick service. It is so nice to have a source for these extra-wide backing fabrics in such a wonderful variety of designs and colors! You may be interested to know that I learned of your website from your ad in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. The simple, large graphic caught my eye right away when I turned to that page.  Thanks again,  Pat H

Hello Wilma and Jim,  I just had to write and tell you that the fabric came on Saturday. I can't thank you enough. One other thing - the fabric is beautiful. We will be doing more business in the coming year.  Thank you again,  Elisbeth D

Wilma and Jim, My wholecloth quilt is gorgeous! I went out right after I received it, to purchase  some quilting thread, and started on it right away.   I will send some pictures when it is completed, but you may have to wait  awhile....I am hand quilting it. :-)  I know it will give me many hours of pleasure.   I am very pleased with my purchase.   Thank you, Kathleen

Dear Folks,  I received my order in today's mail, and I am absolutely delighted with the quilt back...the color, the cotton weave, and everything. I will bring your flyers to my quilt group that meets tomorrow morning.   Hope to ordering again soon.  Thank you so much for your telephone help.  Dorothy C

I received my order today! Thank you so much! I am very pleased with the backing I purchased. Now, I have to get this quilt finished...  Thanks again,  Cheri H

Wilma, I am so grateful for your superb service -- truly above and beyond the call of duty! The minute I opened the envelope of swatches I knew that the Jakarta pastel dots would be perfect, so I ordered the fatback right away.   I will be telling all of my quilting friends what a fantastic resource you are, and I hope that if you have any doubting potential customers you will send them to me! Can't wait for the new backing to arrive, even tho I won't be ready for it for a while -- I'm anxious to see how the whole thing will look with the blocks that I've completed.   Thank you again, and I'm sure we'll talk in the future -- you are now my first stop for backings!   Kathy H

Once again you have come out above the crowd.  Your quilts are enough to make anyone drool.  I wish you much success in your new adventure but know you will not need it.  Debbie B.

Your gallery of customers quilts is wonderful!  The web site is a beautiful testimony of you exceptional quilting ability.  I know you will prosper in you new venture.  Wishing you even stitches and colorful backings.  Linda K.

Hi Wilma!  The site looks terrific.  Many congrats.  And I am flattered you've included two of my babies for the gallery.  Can't wait to get back to sewing.  Much love to you both.  Harvey

Incredible quilting.  Some really wonderful ideas.  I especially like the quilting on the Double Wedding Ring.       Roxanne C.

After visiting your studio many, many times, I finally took the time to check out your web site.  I'm impressed!!!  If only everyone had the chance to meet you, they would be truly impressed with your talent, knowledge and your incredibly well organized and stocked studio.  Bonni R

Hello  Thank you very, *very* much for your service.  I appreciate your speed, your timely communication, and personal attention!  It is so rare these days that businesses offer all this and it is refreshing.   Have a wonderful day...Marilyn B.

Wilma,  I have to tell you about last weeks Guild Meeting where Carol Peterson, one of 75 recognized judges in the country spoke to the group about what judges look for at shows.  The membership had been asked to bring a selection of both size and quilts with different methods of construction so that she would have a variety of quilts to refer to.  She also taught us how to scribe, to take accurate and specific notes in terms of  the judges thinking.   I brought the Stepping Stones quilt that you just sent back to me and the following were her comment:  "Very pleasing palette, fabrics chosen create a mood, machine pattern relates well to the top.  Excellent piecing technique. machine quilting well done,  very good binding technique, corners are accurately done."  I also brought the Asian Moon wall hanging that you did a while ago, with the following comments:  "Fabrics relate to a theme.  Motifs are well designed.  Variety of quilting patterns compliment the blocks. Piecing is well done.  Machine quilting is very well handled.  Binding application is excellent."
She then put all the quilts near each other and chose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  The Asian Moon quilt got the 2nd place, with a hand applique quilt taking first. I must admit, that when she first layer out the criteria for judging I felt that I was literally up the proverbial creek, being such a new comer to this hobby, but I was indeed excited to hear her comment about my/our quilts.  This has turned into a lengthy email, but I wanted you to know that I let everyone know that the quilting was done by Christian Lane Quilters. WE REALLY DID WELL!!!   Renee P

I am delighted to find you folks!  I just ordered my first FatBack® and I will definatley be back!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Jamie Q

"FatBacks!"®  Congrats on your registered trademark!  My customers LOVE the queen quilt backings!  And I  LOVE to make them happy!  Wilma and Jim - you guys are the best!  Can't wait to see you at MQX - I'm bringing TWO empty suitcases this year!  Ginger Roncelli

Wilma-  Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today & it is beautiful!  The post office was amazing on this one too. It was postmarked in CT on 5/1 & I rec'd it today (5/3). I'm in a suburb of Los Angeles, but there must be a direct route from Christian Lane to my house. If I can plan it & things work out with my quilting I'm never, ever doing another pieced backing. The FatBacks® are reasonable & absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you so much.   Donna

Happy Customers!


Quilt Backing - Wide Width Fabrics & FatBacks!®

FatBack!® is a registered trademark protected product of Wilma Cogliantry - The United States Patent & Trademark office awarded registration on the Supplemental Register of the mark, “FatBacks!” to Wilma Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters in Berlin, Connecticut (Reg. No. 3,333,057). FatBacks! are a distinct queen-sized quilt backing product for use when sewing a queen-sized quilt. The goods associated with the mark, FatBacks!, were developed by Wilma Cogliantry and her husband over the course of several years. The trademark was successfully prosecuted by SFMS attorneys. For further information on the prosecution of this trademark, please contact Karen Leser-Grenon ( /tel. 866-540-5505).