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Benartex Wholecloth Quilts by Holice Turnbow from Christian Lane Quilters

(Picture shown is Queen Garden Bouquet.)

Complete instructions are included in each kit. The quilting lines are clear, and easy to see. They are removed by soaking the completed quilt in cold water.  Heat or chemicals can set the lines and make them difficult to remove.  Do not press your top, and do not add detergent to the cold water soak.

Benartex wallhanging and crib-sized kits include top, backing, and an overage around all sides of the top which is used for the binding. 

Queen-sized quilt kits include the top and binding. You can order matching backing on this page, or see our other backing pages for a printed backing.  

We offer machine basting services. The basting is about 1/2" long and about 4" apart. Our basting creates a quilt that will be flat and square. The basting holds the layers in place securely, yet is easily removed as you quilt.

Our batting choices: 

Hobb's Polydown, is a slick (siliconized) fiber poly batting. It is resin bonded to resist fiber migration, is non-allergenic, and washable. Hand-quilters especially appreciate quilting the soft, silky fibers. This batting will give the quilt a light puffy look. It does not shrink.

Hobb's Heirloom premium Cotton Blend batting is 80% cotton and 20% poly, needlepunched and lightly resin bonded. It quilts easily by hand, is washable, and will shrink about 3%, which will give your quilt that great antique, puckered look. We will use their Natural 80/20 in the natural colored quilts and the Bleached 80/20 in the white quilts. This batting will give the quilt a fairly flat, somewhat crinkled, traditional look. It is easier to needle than the 100% cotton batting.

Hobb's Organic 100% Cotton, is a traditional batting that is completely free of pesticides, fertillizers and defoliants. It is needlepunched, extremely clean and will shrink about 5%. This batting will give the quilt the most pucker authentic look to the heirloom wholecloths. 

Hobb's 100% Wool is a washable wool batt. Wool breathes better than other fibers and acts as a natural insulator, helping to maintain comfort summer or winter. Wool quilts like butter! This batting will have a loft and will not shrink.  It will look much like poly batting.

Please note:  we do not ship Queen-sized basted Wholecloths outside the USA.

Trapunto is often called "stuffed" quilting, because certain areas or motifs of the quilt are overstuffed to make them more pronounced, and to give them greater loft or height. Refer to a good basic quilting book for more information about trapunto. We especially like Anita Shackleford's book for trapunto techniques. Many of the wholecloth designs lend themselves wonderfully to applique work. See examples of different ways to use these kits in our Wholecloth Gallery.

The blue lines are a guide to help you make a beautiful quilt. You can individualize the design by adding or omitting lines, or not quilting certain areas. Be Creative!

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