Quilting Costs

Quilting labor costs are based on the top's square inches. Multiply the top's width by the top's length for square inches.  Multiply the square inches  times the kind of quilting your top needs.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting per square inch: .025  -  .045   ($50 -  $100 minimum)

Custom Quilting per square inch:  .035 -  .075    ($95 to $275  minimum)

Heirloom Quilting per square inch:  .075 and up

Basting: .015 sq in - with a $50 minimum

Binding Choices:  Full Hand Binding .40/inch  -  Half Binding .25/inch

There is an $18 per hour prep charge for repairs, or, if we have to complete tasks that were the customer's responsiblity.

Backing needs to be a minimum of 8" wider and 8" larger than your top.   If, for example, your top is 90 x 108, your backing needs to be 98 x 116.
Customers may supply their own matching backing, or choose a wide backing from us.  If a wide backing purchase is part of a quilting order, we wash and press the backing at no cost. See our Backings Pages for pricing

We do not accept customer battings. We carry rolls of Hobb's and Dream Company Battings.  We cut only the amount of batting each top needs. Our selections from Hobb's are: PolyDown, 80/20 blends in natural, bleached and black, 100% cotton, wool and silk. Our selections from the Dream Company are: 100% cotton in request, select and deluxe weights, poly puff, and 100% wool.

We offer a complete binding service: we will prepare and attach binding to the front of the quilt by machine, from fabric you provide, and hand finish it.  Or, you can choose a "half" binding:  we prepare and attach the binding to your quilt, and you complete the hand work. To figure this cost, multiply the cost of the service you want, times the total linear inches of your top.