Quilting Guidelines



FLAT Flared, rippled borders, or fullness in the body of the quilt cannot be quilted out.

SQUARED An out of square top will not roll onto the frame properly, or produce a quilt that is in

square. Adjacent sides should be at right angles and parallel sides should measure the same.

PRESSED Careful pressing during construction is especially important for custom quilting.

FREE OF EXCESS THREADS Unclipped threads on the surface can get caught in the hopping foot.

Dark threads left on the underside can show through lighter top fabrics.

MARKED IN THE CENTER TOP EDGE (pillow edge) with a safety pin, if directional.




Remove selvedges, backstitch seams, and keep grain lines consistent. If the backing is directional, mark the center of the top edge with a safety pin.

Bobbin thread must be the same color at the thread used on the top of the quilt. Printed backings or backings the same color as the thread are the best choices. Printed backings are especially desirable for tops that are going to be custom quilted that are pieced from highly contrasting fabrics. Backing fabric that contrasts highly with the bobbin thread color is the least attractive choice.

We stock bleached and unbleached muslins. We also carry over 200 printed wide backings and can help you choose the one that would look best with your top. Backings that are purchased from our stock as part of quilting orders are washed and pressed at no charge. See our BACKINGS page for additional tips.

BATTING - We do not use customer provided battings.

We will help you choose the best batting for your quilt. We stock Hobb’s and Quilter’s Dream battings in queen and king widths. Our Hobb’s line includes: Poly-Down; Heirloom 80/20 blend, in natural, bleached, and black; Organic 100% cotton, in natural and bleached; and 100% machine washable Wool. Our Quilter’s Dream battings are available in Select and Deluxe weights. Specialty battings are available.


We offer competitively priced, hand-guided quilting on Gammill quilting machines, in fully-insured smoke-free studios. Our award winning quilters, Wilma and Jim Cogliantry, are members of the International Machine Quiltes Association and have design backgrounds from Bowman Technical School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

* Edge-to-edge quilting is a single pantograph design quilted over the entire top with one thread color.

The quilting is hand guided: our machines are not computerized. We currently have over 400 quilting patterns and can help you select the pattern that will best compliment your quilt.

* Meandering is free-hand quilting in one design quilted over the entire top in one thread color.

* Outlining is free-hand quilting around applique or designs in the fabric.

* Custom quilting is a combination of pantograph designs, block insets from templates, channel quilting ,

and a variety of free-hand quilting including: outlining, meandering around insets, stitching in the seams, and echo quilting. Thread colors can vary within the quilt.

* Heirloom quilting is custom quilting that can include extremely dense quilting, cross-hatching, diagonal grid work, and trapunto.

Our custom and heirloom pricing is based on an estimate of the labor time. We provide a pricing range that is not exceeded. We will advise you of your top’s possibilities. Some quilts do not need custom quilting, some quilts should not be quilted edge-to-edge, and other tops can be quilted in different ways.

BINDING - We do not accept pre-made bindings

We must have one uncut yard of fabric to make the binding. We offer completed binding: we prepare and machine sew binding to the front of the quilt and hand finish it to the back; or half-binding: the customer completes the hand work. Our double fold binding finishes at 3/8”, is continuous, and has mitered corners.

THREAD - We do not use customer provided threads

We use 100% cotton, or cotton-wrapped, poly-core threads. Specialty threads are also available.


If you would like a written appraisal of your completed quilt for insurance purposes before it is shipped back to you, Susan F. Buckley, an appraiser, quilter, teacher, lecturer, and member of AQS, is available.


We charge for any services that we have to provide that are the customer’s responsibility.

Call to schedule time, especially if you need your quilt by a certain date. We will reserve a completion date.

We contact you when your quilt arrives. We contact you when your quilt ships back to you.

We return any fabric or batting trimmed from your quilt, or left-over binding fabric.

Credit card payments are not charged until the quilting is completed. Checks need to clear prior to shipping.

We ship the quilt in a plastic bag within a sturdy box, by Priority Mail, with a Delivery Confirmation and appropriate insurance coverage, and we recommend that you ship it to us the same way.

Please contact us before you ship your quilt.

Pick-up appointments are not scheduled until quilting is complete. We will call you when the quilt is ready.