Alfred Shaheen & Aubrey Beardsley Panels

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Alfred Shaheen 1922 - 2008

Considered the pioneer of the Hawaiin shirt, Alfreen Shaeen was a visionary who revolutioned the garment industry in Hawaii by designing and printing ready to wear aloha shirts and dresses.Shaheen was not only a fashion pioneer, but a brilliant textile designer. He was the most creative and prolific Hawaiian manufacturer in the heyday of post-WWII fashion.  His unique method of silk-screening textile designs for garments that we sold world-wide. His method of producing extraordinary garments made him the largest aloha wear manufacturer in Hawaii in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Camille Shaheen has graciously given her approval for the Shaheen Exhibit at the 2016 Machine Quilters Expo show!


2016 MQX Special Exhibit of Quilted Shaheen Panels

Stay tuned for more details. These are the rules of the exhibit:

1. Purchase one of the Alfred Shaheen vintage panels from any source.... Ebay, Etsy or Christian Lane Quilters (they have a few left). The size is typically 26" x 44" and may be any color as long as it is an authentic Alfred Shaheen panel.

2. Keep the panel in its original size. Border(s) may be added and the final measurement must be no larger than 200 perimeter inches.

3. The piece MUST be machine quilted. The quilting style may be traditional, modern, .... whatever you desire.

4. It must be submitted for entry to MQX no later than March 1, 2016. The piece may be judged and MQX will waive the entry fee. Shipping to/from MQX is the responsibility of the entrant.

5. Questions or concerns? Contact Janet-Lee at

Thanks and have fun!


***We also have panels that are smaller sizes. Even though some panels were damaged on the sides,  we've collected them over the years. The panels can be bordered as long as the completed quilt is no larger than 200 perimeter inches.

*Please be aware that the different prices reflect the number of panels we have.

These panels won't be entered to the page, but this is what we have:

Two panels Roses Ivory with Yellow Roses- 16"x34" - $20 & 20"x 29" $21

One panel Fantasy Butterfly White with Pink & Black- 18"x45 $29

Two panels Bird of Paradise Sand with Brown & Gold- 16"x 36" & $21 & 18"x36 $23

Two panels Lily Pua Ivory with Gold & Green- 21"x39" $29 & 20"x 38 $27

Please call 860/829-2821to order. 





Aubrey Beardsly Fabric Panels 2015 Christian Lane Quilters  Beardsley CLQ for sale

Aubrey Beardsley 1872 – 1898)

Aubrey Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His drawings in black ink, were influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts. Beardsley's contribution to the development of the Art Nouveau style was signigicant, despite the brevity of his career before his early death from turburculosis.

Bloomcraft printed the fabric in the 1960's. The vintage panels will never be reprinted.

 A complete set of six Beardsley panels is $200. A single panel is $35.

Please call 860/829-2821 to place an order.





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