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T-Shirt Quilts Connecticut Christian Lane Quilters

Send your T-shirts, along with Christian Lane Quilter's   ORDER FORM  , and we'll return a warm and cozy T-Shirt Quilt!

(Please call, 860-829-2821 if you'd like to drop your T-Shirts off.)

We are experienced professionals who are known for our workmanship and attention to detail. We've quilted over 5,000 quilts for our customers.

We can make your T-Shirt Quilt from as few as twelve T-shirts or as many as sixty-six depending on the size and style you choose.

Pricing includes quality materials and labor. Insured shipping is extra.

Any fabric* can be chosen from our site for the borders and backing of your quilt. One of our favorite fabrics for T-Shirt Quilts are the Robert Kaufman fabrics -click on their link to see what's currently available! We also stock a wide variety of solid colors -just ask!

*with the exception of our batiks

Our needs:

Shirts need to be clean and in good condition.

Please DO NOT use fabric softener, send nylon shirts, send sweatshirts or cut your T-Shirts.

If your shirts are cut, there may be an additional charge to resize. We only make T-shirt quilts from cotton knit t-shirts. Remnants will not be returned unless we're asked.

If you need a quilt for a gift, please reserve your time early. Our current turn around time is six to eight weeks.

We make two T-Shirt quilt styles: Traditional and Variable.

Christian Lane Quilters T-Shirt Quilts -Tradional Style are made of shirts that are all cut the same size. The 14" square blocks are set in a grid pattern with 2" vertical and horizontal sashing and 3" border fabric.

Christian Lane Quilters T-Shirt Quilts - Variable Style are made by varying the length of the T-shirts in the 14" wide strips. The 2" wide sashing is only between the vertical strips. The borders are 3" wide.



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