Fabri-Quilt - Wide Quilt Backings
FatBacks!® and Wide Quilt Backing Fabrics!
Fabri-Quilt 116" Wide Quilt Backing Fabrics - 100% Cotton
A Fabri-Quilt FatBack!®  is a Queen Sized Quilt Backing that is 118" wide by 3 1/4 yards (117") long.  It is sold by the piece at the three yard cost.
Fabri-Quilt Yardage is 118" wide and is sold in continuous half yard units. 

Shipping:  up to 10 yards (3 FatBacks!®)  will fit into a Priority Flat Rate carton for delivery anywhere in the USA.  If we can use this box to ship your order, we will reduce your shipping cost to $13.50. Please note that some colors and patterns may look distorted as a result of the scanning process. Colors may look different on your monitor. E-mail us with your address for free swatches that will mail to you the same day. 

Cut fabrics are not returnable, so be certain before you purchase. Click on pictures for a larger view and shopping cart.  E-mail if you need swatches


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 FatBack!® is a registered trademark protected product of Wilma Cogliantry

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 FatBack!® is a registered trademark protected product of Wilma Cogliantry - The United States Patent & Trademark office awarded registration on the Supplemental Register of the mark, “FatBacks!” to Wilma Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters in Berlin, Connecticut (Reg. No. 3,333,057). FatBacks! are a distinct queen-sized quilt backing product for use when sewing a queen-sized quilt. The goods associated with the mark, FatBacks!, were developed by Wilma Cogliantry and her husband over the course of several years. The trademark was successfully prosecuted by SFMS attorneys. For further information on the prosecution of this trademark, please contact Karen Leser-Grenon ( kleser@sfmslaw.com /tel. 866-540-5505).