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Quilts Made from Your T-Shirts!

What's your passion? Do you have a drawer full of memories?

Christian Lane Quilters T-Shirt Quilts can keep you warm & cozy!



Call 860-829-2821 to book your T-Shirt Quilt. Current lead time is six weeks.

ps: our Quilts made from your T-Shirts are the best in the business. If you want a first quality quilt, we're just a phone call away.

Comic Con fans! We make fantastic Quilts from your Comic BookT-Shirts!

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FatBacks!® are Christian Lane Quilters 3 1/4 yards of QUALITY wide-width fabric for backing Queen Quilts.

Longarm quilters LOVE that extra quarter-yard!

Other stores may sell wide quilting fabric,

ONLY Christian Lane Quilters has FatBacks!®

(We also sell our wide fabrics in continuous 1/2 yard units.)

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Bargain Backs - Ends of Bolts! 



Benartex Wholecloth Quilt Kits, by Holice Turnbow, make it easy to create beautiful family heirlooms. Christian Lane Quilter's Basting Service is a wonderful time saver for hand quilters. Pick out a pretty FatBack® and make a reversible queen-size wholecloth quilt! 

 Christian Lane's Quilting Services Our full-service custom machine quilting studios have two full-time, award-winning quilters. Jim and Wilma Cogliantry have, since 1999, completed over 5,000 customer quilts. Call us for information and to reserve quilting time.



Christian Lane Quilters

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Call us Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 - 3:00 ET - By Appointment Only



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Fatback® Queen Quilt Back - Wilma Cogliantry - Christian Lane Quilters FatBack® SFMS Secures Trademark For Connecticut Company     Nov 27th, 2007  -  2015    On November 6, 2007, the United States Patent & Trademark office awarded registration on the Supplemental Register of the mark, FatBacks!® to Wilma Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters in Berlin, Connecticut (Reg. No. 3,333,057). FatBacks! are a distinct queen-sized quilt backing product for use when sewing a queen-sized quilt. The goods associated with the mark, FatBacks!, were developed by Wilma Cogliantry and her husband over the course of several years. The trademark was successfully prosecuted by SFMS attorneys. For further information on the prosecution of this trademark, please contact Karen Leser-Grenon ( /tel. 866-540-5505).





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