FATBACKS® & Wide Quilt Backing Fabrics
Queen Quilt Backing  FatBack!® is a registered trademark protected product of Wilma Cogliantry - The US Patent & Trademark office awarded registration Reg. No. 3,333,057 e Supplemental Register of the mark, “FatBacks!” to Wilma Cogliantry

Wide Quilt Backing

FatBacks!® are wide-width Queen quilt backs. "FatBacks"®  are available only through Christian Lane Quilters. A "standard" queen-sized quilt is 90" wide x 108" long. A FatBack!® is 108" wide or wider, by 117" long. 117" is 3 1/4 yards.  That last quarter yard (9") not only allows longarm machine quilters to mount queen-sized quilts properly on their machines, it's free!

Our wide width fabrics are also available in continuous half yard increments.

The finished width of our quilt back prints is 108" to 118" wide. After washing, 100% cotton fabrics can shrink up to 5%. Shrinkage can be minimized by washing the fabric in cold water with a cool dry cycle. A good guideline to determine the size bacing to purchase is:  add 5% to the finished size that you need. If you are having your top quilted, be sure to consider the number of inches your quilter needs as overage. For example, we need the backings that we work with to be eight inches wider and eight inches longer than the size of the top. Add the eight inch overage to your top's dimensions, and then add 5% to each side.

Colors and patterns may look distorted as a result of the scanning process. Colors can differ from monitor to monitor. We send free swatches. Cut fabrics are NOT returnable, so be certain before you purchase. 

We accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, personal check, or money order.

The simplest method of on-line payment is by credit card. If you want to purchase by check or  money order contact us by e-mail clquilters@sbcglobal.net or phone 860-829-2821. We will verify the inventory, calculate and advise you of your total including any tax, or shipping charges. Our mailing address is:  Christian Lane Quilters, 44 Christian Lane, Berlin, CT 06037.

We will process your order as soon as we recieve your money order. If you pay with a check, we will process your order as soon as the check clears. Please allow up to 7 banking days before your order is processed.

Customers from outside the USA - please see our Contact Page.

Our wide width fabric is sold in two ways:  you can purchase the fabric in half yard coninuous units.  2 Units = one yard, 3 units = 1 1/2 yards, etc.    Or you can purchase a FatBack!®*   A FatBack!® is a 3 1/4 yard, pre-cut, 108" wide backing that is priced at the 3 yard cost.  This size  backing works with a typical Queen Sized quilt. Measure your top to be certain. 

A FatBack® measures 108" x 117".  If you need larger or smaller cuts, use our half yard pricing when you're shopping.   

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FatBack!® is a registered trademark protected product of Wilma Cogliantry - The United States Patent & Trademark office awarded registration on the Supplemental Register of the mark, “FatBacks!” to Wilma Cogliantry of Christian Lane Quilters in Berlin, Connecticut (Reg. No. 3,333,057). FatBacks! are a distinct queen-sized quilt backing product for use when sewing a queen-sized quilt. The goods associated with the mark, FatBacks!, were developed by Wilma Cogliantry and her husband over the course of several years. The trademark was successfully prosecuted by SFMS attorneys.